Monday, May 9, 2011

The Little Black Dress Affair

A vision that has danced in my thoughts teasing the desires of escaping my mind. Layers of imagination & inspiration baked in the kiln of my head. The “cake” of my vision frosted with LadyLove. My first “recipe” of an inside look to my incessant imagination.

Like the vintage black lace of a widow’s concealed sorrow it is with my abundant pleasure to unveil…

The Little Black Dress Affair

A Vision Exposed By:

  Once Upon a time there was a despondent land of domineering fashionistas who reigned the security of the color black be shackled for grief alone. They also governed the constriction of tiered garments and yards of fabric be worn at all times.
One day the Ladies of the Land defied the proclaimed edict & evanesced their long layered costuming. The Ladies enterprised their attire showing more sensual areas of their mortal with an innovation called The Little Black Dress. A simplistic ensemble which would become heavily corseted & laced up tight into fashion history by a forceful grace named CoCo Chanel. The Little Black Dress, an instant success & a timeless enchantment of comfortable, elegant, sophistication.
A femme fatale that entices commonality with honey sweet music that waltzes from it’s personified lips. A predator that devours any prey within audible distance of the LBD’s melodic fluidity. The eternal in-vogue symphonic charm of The Little Black Dress mirrors a parallel harmony to the bewitching song of the hypnotic sirens

The mesmerizing syllables that leave your mouth when you say the word Siren put you in a hypnotic spell without effort. The melodic tantric sounds seduce their unsuspecting prey note by note. The enticing song has permeated the word Siren. The melody radiates from the noun itself just as the alluring seduction has harmonized within the threads of The Little Black Dress. The Siren’s song has infused to the LBD possessing the garment as our enticing enchantress in our passionate tale of eternal charm.
Once the King of the Land had heard the whispers of the Ladies rebellion he had summoned for the most prestigious Debonair and instructed the Chap to charm the Ladies back into the Kings restricted options of the approved wardrobe. The Gentleman departed without hesitation to mesmerize the insolent Ladies threatening the strictly controlled fashion ordinances. With an arrogant morale the Debonair devised his concrete design to reform the disobedient Ladies to serve his duty to the high class fashionistas & His Majesty.
Little did this dashing aristocratic Gent know that the Ladies of the Land had predicted the King would send his most dashing-smooth-talking-well-mannered Man. The Ladies remained perched on the leather gold studded island of Anthemoesa ready to tease and tempt, draped in their irresistible LBDs ready to battle their right to radiate their LadyLovin inner sass without limitations.

As the Debonair came closer to Anthemoesaeverything became hushed and still because some Divinity lulled the waters” A mysterious concealment camouflaged the Debonair's diamond strength morale that progressively diminished with each inquisitive advance toward the island.
Upon arrival the effervescent Don witnessed a vision sublime, characterized by an unbecoming song harmonized with the finest combination of illustrated consonants, vowel sounds, & syllables incapable of orchestrating the proper visual symphony for our audience. The moment the Nobleman embarked upon the Island his original motives were immobilized; the King’s orders obliterated. His only incentive was to remain in his new found Utopia bearing witness to this indescribable beauty; a phenomena no less. Goddesses before his eyes fashionably molded to their ensemble radiating a united balance that saturated the ambiance with sensuality.
Time stood still, he was effortlessly
seduced into the Ladies whirlwind
of lust and desire. The Debonair
adhered to the allurement and had
no intention of release. For the Gent
had never tasted anything with such
sweet intensity. He was immersed
in a cyclone of euphoric gusts of
wind that danced around his suave
essence with such an elegant

The Ladies conquered with an effortless silence unlike their Siren-esque counterpart they had no intentions of holding the Debonair hostage long enough to deplete his charming ways. They did not desire the suave man’s demise. Their mission was more valuable than dominating one charismatic male. The Ladies wanted freedom of expression. They wanted to expose the bodies that God had blessed them with. Not cover them up with yards of textiles declared acceptable by the King. They wanted to accentuate their essence weather it be with layers of ruffles girdled tight to their bodies or the simplistic enchanting LBD, or if they crave, not a stitch of garment to embellish their female form. The Ladies wanted to roam free in whatever their inner sass desired without being labeled a social deviant. They were prepared for any obstacles they would have to face. The Ladies were invigorated to liberate their world wearing the controversial Little Black Dress inspiring Ladies to radiate Inner Sass in a blissful essence of Lady Love!!

Until the next LadyLove fairytale shimmer

When do you plan to luxuriate in your very own Little Black Dress Affair?!?

" is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped adolescence but of those who have already taken control of their future."

-CoCo Chanel

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